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I think that this is a well-written poem, with a beautifully bittersweet ending. Good job!
Wow. Lots to think about. Good work.
This is very deep. I was a little confused at the ending, because the whole talked about the world and people in general, then the last line only mentions one fallen child. But the poem is very good on the whole, very "on target". Good job.
how profound and very well written!
There are some beautiful word pictures in this poem but I had a little difficulty sometimes with the rhythm.

I believe that the Lord will shed a tear for those who by the time of the last call had not accepted Him.

These images you painted were especially haunting:

"Children died unwanted,
Still in the mother's womb,
Youths sang in the shadows,
Dancing on dead men's tombs."

"Golden houses crumbled
Like bits of broken glass,
In the Heavens sounded
The final trumpet blast."

Very intense. A picture of despair with God as the world's only hope. Well written