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This is very good. Emotionally charged-excellent word choices. There are some awkward spots though. Like : I love you still I fight. It was nice to ryhme it, but it seemed to break the rhythm you had going. The verse after it is also a little altered in meter. The ending verse, while it does convey what you meant, it's a little "long-short" One long line, one short line, and it kind of takes away a bit, even though it's the 'truth'. Otherwise, this is a silent cry that needs to be heard and Kudos to you for 'crying' it. ^_^
This is a neat poem from a teen's perspective. It is good to be reminded of the hearts that lie behind the eyes we see.
I want to encourage you to add some imagery that can speak to the reader's heart even better than mere words can...
Keep up the good work!
You captured the teen heart well. Nicely written!
Well, I can say you touched my heart with this. I have a teenage daughter who could be saying what you are right now.

Most of the rhythm worked well except for the last stanza. But the feelings portrayed in this poem needed to be shared and you did well. Good job.
This is a great poem. Wonderful.
The above constructive comments are the same as I would have. I have a young adult son and I think you captured the struggle very well.
You nailed it, all right! A poem every parent of a teen should read.
This was a wonderful poem. My favorite line was, "Its not because of you
This anger has me bound.
Its really just a shield I wield,
As my dark world spins round." When my teenage daughter had that attitude, my husband used to tell me she needed more hugs. I said, "I'd just as soon hug a snake." "I know," he said wisely, "but that's when she needs it the most." I found the same truth with my sons who followed. There is wisdom in this poem. There are a few rhyming problems, but they can be ironed out. This understanding and patience exhibited here is born of hard times. Thank you for sharing.
The anguish of the teen's heart came through so clearly in this well-written poem! This piece also contains an excellent warning not to judge the rebellious teen but to seek to understand his or her heart instead--to hear their silent cries! Good job!
Publish this! The message needs to be heard!
A teen's heart so well expressed here!
Very much the cry of many teens; you have expressed it eloquently. Thanks for sharing it
Excellent message - I could have written this a few decades ago. (but not as well!)
A couple of meter problems, but overall this is a keeper. A insightful prayer of a teen. Thanks.
Wow! I'm gonna print this one (once your name is on it!) and stick it in my Bible--with a house full of kids/young teens I NEEDED this one! Thanks!!!
Wow! I've got one of these lovely teeangers now!

This is perceptively beautiful. Just lovely.

And I agree with everyone else.
As the mother of a teen, I so greatly appreciated what you wrote and how you wrote it. Thank you
Insightful, definitley communicates the teenager's anguish and confusion. yeggy