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Beautiful. I loved this. God will provide if we let him.
Your title was the first to grab me, out of all four levels! And, the sentiments of your poem (built around one of my favorite scripture verses) are truly beautiful. Only a couple spots in the rhythm could be smoothed and this is ready for publishing.
This poem spoke to me, in my empty nest. It feels like you work so hard and fast, only to work yourself out of a job. As you point out, though, there are many opportunities out there. I think it's so important that we not keep our service just for our own. That's easy. But can you love others, not in your family? Thanks for the reminder that we have a much larger family to care for: God's family!
Wonderful. I love this. It shows what we can do. Great job.
Neat title, Bible verse, and poem to match both! I'm glad God has given you chances to serve the big family!
One thought for critique: watch your rhymes; some of them sounded a little forced. Try to use unexpected rhymes instead of common ones.
Keep up the good work!
This is a poem of deep meaning and message. You did a great job.
I love the heart you revealed in this piece and the encouragement to all to get out there and get involved. Thanks for sharing.
Very nice!
Great title and testimony of His provision and faithfulness. This would have made a great story as well, but it works with the poetry genre nicely.
Though I haven't experienced the empty nest yet, your poem made me think of the times I HAVE felt lonely and alone.

There were a few metrical blips here and there, but the rhyme scheme was good and the message was clear.

I really liked these stanzas:
"So I take Joys son out to the bus stop
And vacuum the rugs for Philippe
Maurice tuned my Chevy, last Tuesday
Ive watched Kates kids, so she could sleep.

I took Mary to see her doctor
I cooked meals when Dons father died
Anne listened, when I had a problem
And when Jayne lost her husband, we cried."
The first one was especially nice being a mirror of the opening stanza but with a happier view! Thanks for sharing!
I really enjoyed this! I thought the last verse pictured a peacefulness in Him.
Our empty nest keeps getting refilled. A good heart felt poem. Well done.
I've never noticed this verse before, and I LOVE it! I'm far from the empty nest, but this felt so accurate and wonderful. Excellent.
I really like this one! ;-) Hugs!
I really liked this. It is unique among the poems I've read, and totally unexpected. Love the message. Very well done.
Oh, Donna ... Your poem meant so much to me. I'm an empty nester after being a single mom . Yes, a few meter errors, but who cares! Not I! The message was so meaniful and heartfelt. One of my favorite poems!
Great job, super reader involvement. I identified all the way through. God bless.
Ok, agan I am requesting kleenex please as the tears are filling my eyes. Hon,this is so beautiful and so true. You have to get this into some magazine or booklet even with a devotional along with it for married and single moms. I have been both places in my life and could totally relate to this. Isn't God s good in how He helps fill our time with blessings and ways to bless others. Wow. Thx so much Donna. Lord bless you in every way and your writing. Janice