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This is a very visual piece. I can imagine all the cloud formations. I also liked your concluding phrase. Well done.
Wonderful images! It brought back memories of my chidhood, lying in the yard with my sisters, looking for all sorts of imagery in the clouds. What fun we had! Thanks for the reminder.
This is very creative! I enjoyed reading it. I especially love the description in the first stanza, which pulls the reader right into the scene. I felt as if I were lying on my back looking up through the leaves overhead, watching the clouds go by... Nice work. Blessings, Cheri
Thanks for this inspiring poem!He is awesome!
Hi! I really enjoyed reading this poem because CLOUDS have always interested me. I always LOOK for something in various clouds: Images, creative viewing, etc. It seems like there really IS a message in each CLOUD we see in the sky. Thanks, I'm going to pay even more attention now!
Playful and fun! Nice job.
Nicely done!
This is fantastic. I smiled as I could imagine the cloud creations.
I like your poem very much. The personalities you gave each set of clouds are imaginative, which is the whole point of cloud watching! Very nice.
This is so playful and delightful. I found myself smiling from the first word to the last. Very visual and fun.
All the above and more ...!
I felt the motion of this poem as I read it. There is so much movement in it and I could feel myself drifitng by as a cloud! Very visual and such a joy to read. Nice job!
Thanks for the cloud-watching. I was moving right along with you.
This is my favorite kind of poem. Nature-related, rhyming, and descriptive. I could see the clouds. Thank you for this well done piece.
Brought a smile. Very creative. Thanks.
Wonderful! I could easily imagine the cloud formations. Thanks for sharing this
I love watching clouds, too. You added the magical touch to them!
Love this because I can so well identify with it. I like the point you made in your last line "Imagination is a gift,
As well as God’s creation.
The cloud formations He has made
Provide us inspiration." because it shows that poetry can be found (if we look) in our everyday lives.
Oh, this is beautiful. I love it. A winner in my book, this goes into my favorites. I hope you write lots of poems and let me know when your book is published. You have just earned a spot on my list of FaithWriter nominees for next Poet Laureate of the USA [^_^]
This felt light and fluffy in a good way. Reminding me of the simplicity of the pure, untainted awe and wonder I felt, (and am now joyfully reminded of with my son), at the clouds when I was a boy. Thank you for taking me back :)