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I wish I knew the German of my forefathers. But language barrier notwithstanding, the emotion and your excellent description was clearly understood. Great lesson taught. Well done.
Very strong. Very good! One of the best.
Yeah, this is better than good. Thanks.
Historical insights into human feelings, beliefs and humanity at its best. What a startling, creative piece - wonderful.
Wonderful, wonderful description - so vivid. I was right there. This one definitely choked me up. What a testimony. Excellent.
Wow! If we were all like the dying man, it would be a different world. This is very creative. I could envision this man moving around the bodies, helping people. Very good writing. It touches the reader.
Wow! This is powerful! I remember in history class hearing the old radio announcements of that day in history and even seeing a photograph or old newsreel, but you brought the whole thing to life.

Great description put me right there on the field among the pandemonium. Great ending, too.
Very good! You put us right in a huge moment of history, but told one tiny little story--a masterful achievement.
AWESOME! I must admit I was attracted to this piece because it was in German. (I took 2 college courses in German...) This was very well-written. Descriptive, but not gory, like I'm sure the actual event was. Keep up the great work!
Atmospheric and tangible. Nicely done.
This carried me along every step of the way. The descriptions were great. Powerful messge, too.
The level of detail you put into this is amazing. Excellent job!
The first line sets the tone for what a fantastic piece this is. I have chills.
Beyond Good...your writing really shines this usual!!!
This is a masterpiece. If this doesnt win big time, I'll eat my hat. LOL
This was written so well. You did an awesome job of bringing it to life!
This gave me goosebumps and made me want to cry with those last two lines. Very powerful. Well done.
Wow! What realism with the German language intejected. The story of the Hindenburg always moved me. I thought of writing about it. Glad I didn't! You've done a masterful job with it, Tim, bringing the tragedy down to a personal level. I felt like I was there with them. I could feel the heat on my face, smell burning flesh and the helpless feeling of not knowing where to go next. This was a well deserved win!
This one soooo rocked. I'm totally not surprised! Congrats! :-)
Congratulations, I had a feeling this one would shine in the winners circle.
Nicely done, Tim! A well deserved CONGRATS on your EC.
A fast paced, powerful story. Congrats, Tim. Yeggy
Congratulations on a well-deserved win; your description of the brief but intense relationship between the two characters has to be the most moving of all the wonderful stories written for this genre, here. So touching, I wept.
Compassion and the common ground of faith transcend ALL language barriers. Beautiful story. I'm sitting here with tears streaming from my eyes.

Thank you for showing us with a few words that any efforts walked in Christ's footsteps, no matter how small we may think they are, bring huge blessings to the people we touch. Then the blessings come back to us because we have touched.