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This is a powerful story, well-written from beginning to end, gripping this reader's heart.
This is GOOD! Very suspenseful and the descriptions of the two girls (Very creative name :Emerentiana!) This is powerful and well written. I noticed a few typos like can not = cannot, etc. But otherwise, I think this is excellent. ^_^

I'm not entirely familiar with customs of this time period; would they really have "suitors" back then? That seems like a much more modern development, but I could easily be wrong.

The bravery written here is very inspiring. Good job.
Loved it and was taken back in time once more. This subject is very close to my heart as well. Thank you for so eloquently telling their story yet again. I pray the martyr's witness will never lose its impact.
Just wonderful - you had me int he heart of your MC - I was aching right along with her. I love the last line of this especially.
This was so well done and such a good read. I hope you place with it!
Very gripping story with good solid writing. I would like to know more about this. Well done.
Really enjoyed reading this! Creative and well done!
Very well written, powerful story. Great job.
A gripping and well-written testimony. A wonderful story; I was right there through the whole thing. Thanks for sharing it
Oh, my goodness! How compelling! May we be as brave as those children if/when we must defend our faith! Good job!
This is very good. I do wish the nanny had been revealed early on. It would have made it better reading for me. I assumed that a husband was talking,which is okay at times, but this is not "surprise" material. It is too deep. Very well done.
Wow! Powerful! I would have liked to have understood it was the nanny speaking earlier as well, but the story is just awesome either way. Blessings, Cheri