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Very well done. It had drama and painted a vivid picture. Most interesting is how many of these stories of "women in uniform" have come out over the years and how you put your own spin on it. These ladies' legacies are a treasure indeed and I applaud you for using them as the foundation for your story.
Wow! I never knew this - it's so cool! You brought it all alive and kept our interest - a really good job on this!
Loved your story. Some still fail to see that women were made to be a help meet. I did a piece called the Mightiest Warrior. It was an encouragement to women.
Excellent. I had never realised this before either. I'd love to hear more details about this story. It could be expanded into something larger (Hint, hint!).
Beautiful description - you put us right in the middle of the action! I just loved how visual this piece is - and a bit of history I didn't know about!
Fascinating look at this "secret soldier"! I did wonder whatever happened to her lover William, though! I enjoyed your descriptive style of writing and your interesting subject matter! Good job! :)
You did a terrific job of painting the atmosphere of the Civil War. I was confused by the shift between Emma and William--was he ever real? Intriguing premise and I agree, this has potential for something in a less-limited format.
What a great post. You learn something new every day and I'm glad I stopped by! Nice job!
This is so good! You really captured Emma at the beginning and then the ostrcism she felt later. What brave women they were! Wonderful!
I was glad for Emma that she found a way to escape the tyranny of a forced marraige. Only in (early)America, so they say.
It was a tad predictable but at the same time quite entertaining and enlightening near the end. It is a good research piece also.
Thanks for sharing this great story! Well done!
Leigh, sorry to get hold of you this way. Everything's dandy, my e-mail is being ornery, I've written you twice this week! Hope you get this...
Very well written historical story.
Excellent story! You made Emma's reasons for joining the army completely plausible. Great work on her character and on the drama.