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I think we are so fortunate to have these kind of actual memoirs and have people like yourself able to bring them to life through your writing.

There was a lot to digest and 750 words seems too small a frame for reporting even just the sigficant things, but you've seemed to have done it well.

My only suggestion would be for dialogue to help "spike" the action, but not sure how that could have been done considering the avenue you chose for your MC. However, I don't think what he went though or he, himself, will ever be forgotten. Good job!
Well done. You really brought this to life.
It's lovely to use the memoirs of your grandfather in this way, so that they will not be forgotten. He sounds like a very interesting character.

The story was very informative and well written. I think I agree with Nathan, however. Perhaps a little dialogue in some form would have broken up the long narrative.
Fascinating. I like the first person narrative. It provides color and depth and a real sense of authenticity. I could feel the pain of those wounds and the misery of his condition.

I could just picture this ancestor of yours at a Civil War reunion telling his story to friends and former foes. Truly God's hand was on this man. Many others did not survive the infection that resulted from their battle injuries.

Thanks for sharing this inspiring piece of family history. I will never forget this story!
You certainly used your 750 words well! I still can't figure out how to tell a whole story in within the limit! You did a wonderful job. I, too, liked the narrative. it was as if I was reading his memoirs right from his diary. Great writing!
Loved the 1st. person, really put the reader in the room with the old man and made the stories come alive. Well done.
This was an excellent piece. I enjoyed the first person narrative and the historical information that was provided helped to reinforce the story. I too would have liked to see some dialogue (especially between the blue and gray), but as one who lives in this genre, it was a very well written and composed piece. I could envision this becoming a much longer story with a little more detail and dialogue. My ONLY suggestion would be to use more "period-speak" as you are writing in the first-person. A soldier from this era would use more of a 19th-century dialect and maybe even some "slang" terminology. That would add a little more credibility to an otherwise stellar piece of writing. Very-very well-done.
I like the framework of narrating this story to an interested listener...nice touch.

It seems as if some of his language has too many modern idioms, something not too difficult to fix.

A well-told tale; thank you!
Awesome take on the history lesson. I would have loved to have known what happened afterwords, but it was a great tale.
What a neat story to have in your history, Myrna! I love the conversational tone in the very beginning and end of this - I might have tried to carry it through the entire piece, along with, as Michael A. suggested, some period "slang," perhaps. But this was quite fascinating!
I think you outdid yourself ^_^. This is very good, no wonder it got a highly commended. Awesome writing!