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Love the story. The characters are alive, and the setting seems real. You did a great job.
Very good dialogue. This wasn't a coincidence for Laney or the police officer!
I loved this story. That Tom sounds like a bonified gaurdian Angle for Elaine. Well done!
You're exceptionally good at dialog. I think this is a terrific entry!
What a great story with a great message! That period of history is so interesting--I loved how you wove her names to distinguish good and bad. Good job!! :-)
This was such an authentic piece right down to Elaine worried about her parents having kittens. I could smell the smoke in the joint and the clink of glasses, it was that well written.
Boy, why doesn't this have more comments? I like this, you did a very good job.
Great story. Very interesting. Loved how God was trying to get her attention, then provided her way of escape. Nice writing!
Excellent sense of place and dialogue here! You put me right in the middle of this scene. Great job!
This is wonderful! Your first several paragraphs, especially, really set the mood and atmosphere of the time period, in a seamless, unforced way. Very, very good writing.
Excellent work! I really enjoyed this tale.
OK...I didn't say enough. This is awesome. I love the way you set the story. I could see Laney in the club. You brought this time to life with the atmosphere and dialogue. Great writing.
Very, very nice story and a wonderfully warm ending. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing it
Oh awesome! I love the "Elaine" it's very "His Mysterious Ways" sort of tone. The characters were real and the setting was very descriptive. Good job.