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It was an interesting idea to merge the two stories from both generations. There were a few punctuation errors, but apart from this, the story was well written and kept my attention throughout.
This story keeps evolving, using the same characters yet in different settings. It's great the way you're using the challenges to develop your story, including the present and the past. When I read about Willard and Shannon and their life in Mecca Cove, I'm seeing chapters in a book. Really looking forward to see how you weave their lives into future challenges. Your gift of creativity shines through your writing! Good story! :)
You did a nice job of merging the past with the present. What a treasure to find an old journal, too. That's something I would dearly love to find. Well done.
I love how you wove the past with the present--it truly felt merged.
Clever writer, forcing your audience to back up and re-read from the beginning! At first I was fearful the flood was in the present and the precious treasures from the past would all be swept away. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief. Great job! I could read more of this story, for sure.
Quite visual - and I love the melding of the past AND present - your title, my dear, is perfect. Lovely.
I like the past/present structure...very effective.
I loved this format ... it fit perfect with your story. I think I would have liked the second part to have been first to set it up better for the reader. How to rearrange it for the ending I'm not sure. Maybe just a few sentences. But there would be nothing else I would change.

I loved the feel of this piece and all life around it,
Would you mind writing some more of this just for my benefit? LOL I love the way you wove the past and present together so effectively and if you don't place with this one, nobody will. Kudos.
I can see this gem on the Hallmark channel or something! I loved the format, the journal aspect of the story. Wonderful.
Well written, visual story. I enjoyed the read.
Very good blend of the two story lines. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing it!
I love the way you brought this story alive. Great writing!
I wish there was more to this. I like the piece of finding the journal and the matching names. Very creative! I love the first person POV's though with the kids and heading for higher ground.
This sounds like a prelude to a great American novel eh? Good writing very vivid and seeable!

Love it!
Good accounting of family history.
How interesting to put bits and pieces of history together with the words from a past journal keeper. Thanks for sharing this.
I liked your format and the way you were able to lead your reader into the story. Building a history around your characters makes them even more real and endearing.
Good work here! I had to go back and read your other entries when I realized this was a series. :) I like how the story is developing - keep it up!
Excellent story, really did make me want to read more!