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This is certainly a heartwrenching story, you brought tears to my eyes when she felt death. Great writing!
WOWSERS!!! This definetly kept my attention! I felt her pain. Heartwrenching! If my contacts weren't so darn dry, I think I would have cried. I only wish I knew more about this period in time in Japan (? or is it China?) and the circumstances surrounding it.
Simply heartbreaking -and a reminder of how truly easy we have it.
This is beautiful and I especially love all of the cultural touches and bits of the Japanese language you have sprinkled throughout. It really makes the piece all the more authentic and tragic. Wonderful!
This is simply spectacular.
I LOVE finding your stories - they are always so rich with ambience. This is absolutely tactile. Wonderful.
This was AWESOME!! So many people lose their lives for thier family and their faith. You did a truly great job.
I can hardly find adjectives to describe this piece. It's so good I'm almost left speechless. You can be so proud of it and I hope you win big time! Kudos!
great writing ... kept my attention. I agree with Jan ... Spectacular.
Bummer! That nasty word limit has kept me from learning even more! This is superbly written. With much feeling. Very emotional. A grand piece!
Wow... Bittersweet story, presented in a beautiful way. Thank you for sharing this!
I felt this. Powerful. It gave me goosebumps. This is some awesome writing here. Way to go Lady Tama!
This was hauntingly delicate and beautiful. Although about a tragic moment, you were still able to capture setting, character,time and the emotional atmosphere with your wonderfully serene writing style. Keep up the great work -
This was a very strong story, but I'm confused as to what was taking place here and why. I guess a little more of the history of this period would have helped. However, it was a very powerful piece.