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Thanks for this interesting story. The beginning of Australia's interior discovery! What an exciting moment in our history.

I enjoyed it.
How cool for us Americans to have an opportunity to learn of Australia's history! Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this. Angel
What a treat to read what you gleaned from your research! If we didn't have a DIL from New Zealand, we'd perceive that "down under" part of the globe as far away as another galaxy, I'm afraid. But, here you give us a chance to participate in the pioneer experience not so different from explorers in any new place. I found this most interesting reading, and appreciated the insights regarding the tribal peoples. Thanks muchly!
Ya learn something new everday! I like a good descriptive story, with an educational quality. I know virtually nothing about Aussie history, so I found this piece to be very interesting! Good job!
Very interesting! I liked reading about this historic discovery. I especially liked the names, that seemed to fit so well into the story. Very well done!
This is very interesting. I don't know much about Australian history, so I appreciated the chance to learn some! Thanks for sharing this!
I loved the glimpse into this bit of history - good story and description.

One thing you might want to look out for: "Changing direction to avoid another huge rock formation, a cooling breeze greeted them." It sounds like the breeze changed directions to avoid the rock.

Other than that: well done.
Fascinating! New to me, too.

I'm pretty sure you meant "sextant" instead of "sexton." And this is an awful lot of story for the word limit--definitely worth expanding.
I felt like I was right there with these brave men on their expedition. Excellent description and sense of place.
I enjoyed this sooo much! Thanks for sharing this little bit of "Down-under." Fantastic writing!
I definitely found this piece of Australian history intriguing, AND you captured my attention and imagination in your telling of it. Kudos!
Wow! You did a really good job on this! I felt as if I was right there and I loved it. I could feel, smell and taste the land.

THIS is good! I LOVED it!
Excellent story - excellent writing. As mentioned above, there is alot of content in such a short word count. You really made the people and landscape come alive for the reader. Good job.
Interesting. New to me. Thanks for the informative story.
YOu did a beautiful job writing this. I learned a lot from it. Fantastic!
Cool! I love learning of places other than right here--it's so different and fresh. Good job with the descriptions!! :-)
Not only did I enjoy the history lesson but the descriptions were even better than "down under", they were out of this world. Really strong writing here!
Fascinating. I know zilch about Australia's history, although I would love to visit there some day. This is well written,informative, and entertaining.
Very, very interesting. I enjoyed this a lot. Great job.
Neat history! I had never thought of how your country would have been discovered, just as ours was. Thanks for enlightening me. We'll need to hear more about this! :o)
This was very informative but interesting. I enjoyed the characters and the new information. Thanks for sharing it
You did such a great job of bringing the history of Australia alive. Well done!
This was a great story. I kept trying to remember the names from history until I realized it was America--I'm on vacation so I'm a little slow.

Good Writing!
I read a non-fiction once about the many explorers and their quest to reach the interior of Australia and to criss-cross the continent. I read about these men, and your story brought it back afresh.

One or two words misspelled. Besides the one Jan pointed out, Lawson's rank would have been 'Lieutenant' instead of 'Lieutant'.

I immediately had a sense of the setting in which this took place. Great descriptions! I felt like I was there with the explorers.
I guess I'm getting hooked on historical fiction because of articles like this - I just wanted to keep on reading! Good job.
I've been gone for a bit, but finally got the chance to look at the comments you made on my story The Pit several months ago. Thank you for that! And I am delighted to return the favor!

This was a very descriptive read, the pacing was solid, teh characters were easy to relate to. Plus I learned a lot! There were a few places I might have chosen different words (like all teh numbers in the opening paragraph) but those are minor and just shows that many different styles can be successful. Great job!