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What can I say except "WOW!" I wanted more and that's a good thing. Well done.
Beautifully haunting. Wonderful.
Welcome back! You've been missed, and poetry like this is one of the reasons why. Simply outstanding.

A tiny nitpick: "o'er" instead of "ore".

The last stanza was a super kicker, and I also really loved the repetition of the last line of each verse...gave it additional poignance. Very nice.
I continually marvel how each well-chosen word in poetry conjures up complete visions in my head. This chunk of history in under 200 words reveals the pen of one of my favorite Master poets. Welcome back, sweet writer! You have been missed.
Yikes...if this is bad, we're all in big trouble. It's terrific, Purity...excellent even. Thanks for sharing it.
I have been missed! I envy the way you write poerty that absolutely resonates with the soul.
Ahhhh ... it's nice to have you back!

Lovely and haunting. Please dont' stay away so long!
Powerful imagery, well written ... very good.
You write very nice poetry. Keep on writing.
Very good.
Unbelievable job! Would you mind if I just cut and pasted this entry for the next challenge? I don't know how to write poetry....yet, and you CLEARLY do. Wonderful work!
***Congrats on a piece well written and somewhat haunting. It stays with the reader. Good job!***
Fabulosa Isabella, glad you're back, now stay for long :)
I love poetry, and poems like this one give me good reason! What a gem!