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Wow - I got a shock when I realised who they were talking about! Gripping and very well written.
I was waiting for the twist at the end but still didn't expect it - excellent job! What a good story, what a good lesson.
This is one of those stories that is such an encouragement. At the same time it reminds us to be careful how we judge. Well done.
Since I'm a Spec. Ed. teacher, I guessed who the boy was! This was so well written and just a delight to read. I think, possibly, the ending would be more powerful if it ended at the end of the paragraph when he took the stack of envelopes in and dropped them on his mother's lap. I don't honk the last two bits of conversation are needed! Just a thought.
I enjoyed this story. It is likely that the impression that this special child left was like you expressed it. It was great to get this immaginative glimps into early Eistein.
Wow! Your story reached me on many levels. It surprised me but, more than anything, reminded me how blind we can be to the gifts right in front of our faces...simply because they're not what we thought we wanted. (By the way, I do like the last two lines in your story and, considering who you were writing about, they seem to bring continuity to what the boy was showing himself to be, versus what his parents were seeing.)
Awesome! Didn't have a clue until you mentioned the Jewish faith. Really great portrayl of lil' Albert. A very interesting read. Keep up the great work!
Well done. I love stories like this where all of the "judgements" are in and God does something else! You wrote this well.
I'm thinking this is a superb message! Well written!
Wow, great story. The dialogue was interseting and kept the story flowing. I felt like I really understood each character.
Ooooo, I like this. Awesome.
Congrats, Tim. A powerful story with wonderful imaginative characterisation, an engaging read. yeggy
I thought this was one of the best historical pieces. I like how you saved the identity till the end. Congratulations on a great job and the recognition.