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Beautiful! I loved this piece. I, too, have asked the same questions. Good job.
This pack a powerful message. I'm sure at times we are all guilty of not focusing on God as we should. At least I know I am. This is well written, too.
Very nicely done. You hooked me right away because I certainly could relate, and kept my interest all the way through. Excellent work!
Love-ly piece! :) You did an excellent job of comparing our adoration of an earthly lover to our relationship with God. My favorite line was: "How many times have we written His holy name in loving script on the tender and fluttering pages
of our hearts, thrilled at just the sight of His name: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, the most beautiful name on earth." Your article has sobered and inspired me! Excellent writing!
A poignant account of what love should be. Until we experience God, we cannot know God as we should. Until He becomes more to us than just an abstract religious concept, something we attend to on Sundays or other special days, we will not know the deep abiding kind of joy and love that He has commanded us to find in His presence. And we are missing out on His grace. Good job. Blessings, Cheri
A wonderful comparison of our earthly love vs. heavenly love. I could so relate with the actions of the young bride-to-be, and I smiled remembering. (I've been married 23 yrs now -- and I still feel the same way about my husband.)

Then the message of your story hit me square in the eyes. How much intimate time do I really spend with my one true Love?

Your piece was written very well, and packed a powerful message.
Great hook, and wonderful illustration. I'd like to see this as the devotional for a women's Bible study group.
Wonderful inspirational article. So true and well written.
Very profound and not an easy lesson to follow. Great job of writing.
Great comparison. Even though it goes 'ouch' it's a good hurt!
I believe a challenge to change is both inspirational and devotional - thank you
Exceptional description in the beginning and wonderful words of lesson throughout (and you can keep your cookies, AND your husband LOL That was admiration, not greed, talking hehe).
This definitely convicted me. Very clear and profound message. Thanks for sharing it.
The title reminds me of an Elvis The message is one I haven't heard in awhile. Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes we all get so caught up in 'life' that we forget who put the 'if' in there. Beautiful writing and a wonderful last paragraph.
Wonderful, love the ending prayer!
A beautiful witnessing statement for all to read and take to heart. A wonderful glimpse of how We Should feel toward the One who holds our very life in His hands. Nicely done! Great Title, And, an awesome and enjoyable read.