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You have some wonderful images throughout this - and a wonderfully vivid description, especially of the roller coaster ride. Great spiritual application, too!
Great article, you really captured the stomach-churning feeling. And there's no way on earth that I would EVER get on one of those.
Ooh, this is good. I feel the same way about rollercoasters with big drops. I've never compared in to life -- what a great analogy.

Well written, easy to read, nice flow. Nice story with a very good message.
Love this description: "fear yapping around her ankles like a tiny attack dog." I also like how God used the word "bejeebers" :). Great lesson on leaning on God for strength and protection, and applying life lessons to our spiritual walk.
Very good application and description throughout. Wonderful to read... I could picture it, feel it. (Just check "loose" about halfway through...I think you want "lose.") Good work!!
Everything was "pictured" very well here. Good comparison. Good writing.
I really liked this, especially the 'bejeebers' paragraph.
This was so good and spoke to me on so many levels. My favorite line, "As she clutched the hand-grips she felt God’s reply. “You’re in My safety harness, Suze, the palm of My hand. Hold onto Me and you’ll be just fine." How often do I need to remind myself of this. I especially liked your Biblical reference as well - one of my favorites. Thank-you for sharing.
I think you captured a wonderful conflict of emotions and trust in this piece. I loved the roller coaster bit and especially the familiar response in the second half and Sean's matter-of-fact "Roller coaster" reminder. Very well done! ^_^
Yup, I can relate - Venezuela is a lot like that roller coaster these days for expats. Thanks for the lesson. Very well done too, by the way!