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Oh, I feel the frustration here with the lost work. It's so true, too, that our Heavenly Father has compassion for us, even when we "mess up." Those people who also have compassion for us reflect God's love as well. Nicely done.
Oh, I did like this marvelously merciful account!! :D You did an excellent job of bringing out an encouraging lesson from a discouraging situation! Mercy is one of my favorite subjects, because it is one thing of which I am often in need! (I can think of something that happened today where I made a big mistake I hated to confess to someone, but was shown such gracious mercy, too! :D :D )
I doubt that there would be room enough in any notebook to count the number of times God has extended mercy to me, or to any of us. With that kind of "boss" it is our pleasure and our goal to do a better job at the "project" that next time He assigns one.

Thanks for this wonderful reminder. We all can identify.
I liked the contrast between pure frustration, ugliness of guilt aand then the peace, relief found in mercy,and beautiful compassion and love.
You made me feel that contrast with your writing.
I alternated with feeling my chest tighten and then feeling myself breathe again!

An excellent devotional! I don't know what a flash drive is but I can sympathize. And any boss who can't forgive errors is unworthy of his job.
As Lynda said, "With that kind of "boss" it is our pleasure and our goal to do a better job at the "project" that next time He assigns one." Not only is it our goal to do a better job, but we must learn to extend the same kind of mercy to others when they need it from us in life. This was a great illustration of a character quality that each of us should strive to develop, so that people can see Him in us! Nice job. Thanks, Cheri
Your title drew me in and I wasn't disappointed by the read...count me among those thankful for God's everlasting mercies!
Oh dear, having been through a recent computer disaster, I can really relate. Really effective way to get your message across!
Excellent job, from the title to the ending... enjoyed this very much...
Mercy is one of my favorite attributes of God - He so freely gives us. Great lesson! (And you would probably believe how careful I've been with my flash drive since I first read this.)
:) Cat
This spoke to me as a teacher. It might be easier (and often necessary) to strictly enforce the rules, but mercy is a most welcome gift at any stage of life, and usually one we don't soon forget. Thanks for the reminder.
What a good lesson! The example you packaged it in is one so many of us can relate to, which increased it's impact. Good job making us feel the frustration (and disappointment) and then allowing us to experience the mercy with you. God's mercy is tremendous!!
Knowing exactly what you were talking about made this even more real to me, especially since I've been there--sweet forgiving boss and all. ;-) Great point and great writing. I'm glad you could turn your stress into something good, anyway.
Your title grabbed me. And I'm so glad it did because it was an excellent read. Mercy is such a wonderful attribute of God. Your handling of this was superb.
Wonderful article on mercy. A very good example here. Good writting.
Yes, "That's what mercy is all about." Wonderful inspiration!
Oh, mercy! What a lesson to be learned. I will take it to heart, my dear, and always make a back up -- tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow:) ROFL! Sorry, I am the eternal procrastinator!
It sounds like your project coordinator has been around her Project Coordinator so much that she imitates Him. Very nice Joanne! Beautiful thoughts, wonderful devotion!