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Very thought-provoking! I hope I would be as brave as these men...your writing is excellent and inspiring.
Very well written -- flows nicely, and reads beautifully. Wonderful message -- interesting how you pulled those three men together. My only problem is, I don't think I could do what any of them did -- this really leaves me feeling inadequate. (But that's my own problem.) You wrote a very good, challenging devotional.
You have great writing skills. You write very intelligently - to an audience with above-average reading levels. My only complaint would be your telling of King David. Those not familiar with that OT story (including me) might find it a bit confusing. :) Very nice job, a convicting piece.
Sobering thought. Are we willing to pay the price?
We have just seen part of a video on the life of Bonhoeffer, and it is a riveting story. I also have his book, "The Cost of Discipleship." David and Paul are favorite biblical characters of mine. You chose well in deciding the three people to use in illustrating your important message. Good job! :)
I was definitely convicted by this one. I did find the description of David a bit harder to follow than the others, but your point was very well made with me! Excellent.
Very well written. I loved it.
Very inspiring! I loved these stories and these are men worth emulating. Thanks for sharing it
Short and beautiful! I really enjoyed your short autobiographies of these three men. Very compelling and inspiring! Great job.
WOW! Food for thought! I really enjoyed the comparisons and links you made between these men.
Great inspirational piece, but not for the simpleton. It takes a "thinker" to delve into this masterpiece, especially the King David one...which I'll have to re-read, as it was a bit confusing-as I know that counting the troops was an "error" on his part. Great job however...with some deep thoughts within it's inspiring message. Very creative and nicely done.