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I love this devotional! It's easy to identify with, it made me think of an everyday thing in an uncommon way, and it tied beautifully into the accompanying scriptures. Great job! ~Stevie
Short and cute! Good job.
Your title caught my eye. This was truly adorable and thought provoking. LOL, I will never view a rubber duckie the same way again.
This is easy to relate to. It's brief and to the point, with a great message. Good work.
Abraham lied, Moses murdered, David committed adultry and murder, Noah got drunk, and Peter was a klutz. All rubber ducks with green gunk in their past. Yet each a saint and each a blessing. Thanks for your persuit of holy perfection and your dedication to the cleanliness inside both the duck and yourself. And thanks for the reminder.
oh my goodness the analogy is soooo perfect.I gotta go take a bath :-)))
Ewwwwwww! Thanks for that of the best object lessons ever.
That's great.... :-) I admit, I was fooled by those rubber pharisees; I never would have guessed what they look like on the inside!
This was priceless! I can see it in a devotional book! Very nice job. And now, I think I'll go take a bath. Blessings, Cheri
Great analogy. (I just came across my son's rubber duck in his keepsake box. He's 21 now, so I'm not sure what's inside that duck.)

This is well written, simple, easy to read, but really makes one think. A great devotional.
Good thought. Cleanse the inside. (never had a rubber duckie). But there are many other things where creepy crawlers hide. Let it not be in my heart. Good job.
Very insightful and a great analogy that we all can identify with. Simple, to the point and honest without being preachy.
Just the right length and with such a great lesson (LOL plus I think I need to do that tub toy bleach bath too).
very clear and to the point. I had no idea that rubber duckies held such yucky insides. Good article. Thanks for sharing it
I LOVE this!! Life lessons in great packaging. Short with a powerful punch--great!! :-)
Grrr, now I have that song stuck in my head...^_^ but the message is stuck with it too, so great job! I like the short and to the point voice. ^_^
Perfect analogy for a powerful devotional! Great job!
Nicely done, Shari! Congrats on your placing! :-)
Congratulations, Shari - great piece. Short, and very much to the point. And I'll join everyone else in saying Ewwww!
This piece is fabulous & you really deserve your EC win!
Fabulous job! Very insightful. Congrats on your EC win!
Get squeeky clean instead! A perfect ending. Well done, Shari. yeggy