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This was beautifully written; a little predictable and sappy perhaps, but nevertheless, it is a beautiful picture of what innocent and holy love can look like when it starts, and how precious it can be even when it ends.
Beautiful. Sappy in the loveliest possible way. :-)
You did a fantastic job showing, Young love matures into a love that lasts a "forever." Your writing is very visual!

Oh, how precious! I loved your transition from then to now, so absolutely seamless and perfect. Some day I'll learn how to write like this; you're truly in a class by yourself. Every word is absolutely right.
Love the imagery of this, and such a tender story.
Very sweet. Makes me think of myself. Married nearly 38 years, getting older, wondering where the years went, still in love. Great connection to this reader! This a very genteel, precious story.
I loved your imagery -- and I learned some new words. I agree it was a bit sappy, but in a very beautiful way. Sappy is good at times -- so sweet and innocent.
I appreciated the description of the town - the grocer, the gas attendant, the florist. It really helped paint such a warm picture. When I read this the first time I thought that Hal's scientific description was jarringly out of place, but on second read it wasn't so bad at all. Kinda cute, and funny. :-) And Hal climbing into the hospital bed was the sweetest thing I've read in a long, long time.

Something I learned long ago was that even cliched stories can be saved by the quality of writing, and that's what happened here. Excellent job.
Beautiful!! *Grabs the tissues and wipes her eyes*
This is a beautiful picture of the kind of love God desires for each of us in life, one that grows over time and becomes so much stronger and richer with the living of it than at first meeting; it's the same kind of love that He desires us to have for Him. Beautiful and well-done! Blessings, Cheri
Beautiful! I really liked this. I think you captured the very essence of a long and lasting love. (sorry I don't have any suggestions...this is nice as it is, except for be a little clearer if it was a flashback or a dream, etc) Good job! ^_^
This is sooooo smooth! You are the best at what you do. Not a speedbump to get in the way of a totally great story. God bless.
What love! What romance. Such a wonderful relationship. Bittersweet.
This title caught my eye. It was nothing like a poem I might have wrote with the same title. Of course, we do not have the honor of sharing the same place of employment, now do we? lol! Anyway, this piece was beautifully done. So beautifully done in fact, that I thought I might get sick early on. I'm glad to see however, that you have been able to enfuse a bit of timeless truth into this write, even if it comes at the cost of a tragic end. Peace, Ann!