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Oooh, I loved the twist at the end :)I really enjoyed the short staccato effect of your dialogue, while managing to convey the entire story in dialogue. Very cleverly done.
You managed to captured it all in a mere "750" words. A lovely story filled with conflict nicely tied! Great job!
Oooh, you got me! Why didn't I see that coming? Good job!
I wasn't sure which guy to root for. I was kinda starting to like Jim. This kept my attention, and was an enjoyable read. Well done.
GOOD JOB! You got me! I hadn't a clue you stinker!

So I guess that means you wrote this very well huh? Yep - I'd say so - if I did I mean ... say so. ;')
Very good point--chasing a dream. It was a good story, but it seemed to end too abruptly. Will appeared at the right time, but it seemed to roller-coaster after that. But all in all, it was a very good romance.
I really liked this -- entertaining, and very much in the romance genre.
Bad Jim! I'm glad the 'knucklehead' came to his senses. LOL! Great writing as usual. Loved the turn-around ending.
I'm glad Will came to his senses in the end, if not I would've like to whack him on the head for leaving Heather! ^_^ Very nice touch with the letters and especially good ending with Will coming to 'rescue' her.
Well, you had me guessing until the end. I kept wishing he would have ended some of his notes with "Love you" or something to that effect. However, love has seemed to have won out in the end and that's what romance is all about.
I love the title and how you put that back in the end. Will seemed to come out of nowhere and it threw me for a bit, but once I saw the end, I was on board. Definitely a romance I enjoyed!