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I enjoyed this romance. You did a very nice take with the seventh year itch! Just goes to show how important communication is in marriage.
I loved your 7 yr itch illustration! Very clever, and good writing.
Great lesson on communication! Good writing, and enjoyable read. :)
I liked the ending!
This title is just perfect! I really liked this story, good dialogue and realistic communications or lackthereof for those married for a few years. Well done!
As a huband, I can identify with much that is written here. Good job of showing us this side of romance : )
Cute. And different. Nice loving romance. Good job.
Unique take on the theme and a great lesson as well. Good work.
This was too cute! Very descriptive. I especially loved - She buried her head into his not-so-strong-anymore chest. and---
Back then, Leo was a popular Bible College student who could be spotted in a crowded room, by his thick, auburn hair and infectious laugh. Well, at least he still had that infectious laugh.
An endearing story about growing old and "itchy" together. I loved it. Thanks, Cheri
Perfect title, and a delightful story to boot! Nice job.
Oh, this is so delightful. Reminds me of my grandparents' relationship and how my grandma burned cookies for years "because your Papa likes them that way," only to discover it had just been his way of drying his new bride's tears when she burned her first batch---Uh! Why didn't I write about them for 'romance' genre?!

Anyway, I came calling to thank you for your comment on my Sparrow story, and I'm glad I did. I really enjoyed your story here---as well as your comment! Thank you, Friend!