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I really like how this was set up to tell the story as if we were reading her journal. Great story and message here.
This was a very good idea. I'm glad she picked the guy with integrity after all. She was a bit harsh in calling Alec a 'loser' I felt though, especially since the sermon had been on 'living our faith out'! Then again, I suppose he was the one he lost out on the relationship.
I liked this. Nicely written and easy to read. Really glad to see the 'good guy' get the girl, and vice versa. Cute romance.
I liked the format and the characters. Good message and a sweet romance after all!
Very sweet story! I was rooting for Collin all along and found the ending very satisfying! Good writing! :)
I would have been interested to see how she would have reacted to Alec if he had turned out to have been a huge success, rather than a "failure." In any case, good writing.
All in good time. All in God's time. Sounds like a good, solid relationship brewing here. Good job.
Nice story. "Loser" really stuck out at me, I felt it was out of character after she had once learned the sting of words. But very nice tale of building a lasting relationship, doing it God's way. Good idea.
I love how this played out. It was an excellent story.
Renminds me very much of Garth Brook's "Sometimes I Thank God for Unanswered Prayers"
Enjoyed the romantic trip down memory lane and the very real emotions you've touched upon in the piece.
I like the diary format of this. It reads easy and deep at the same time. I'm glad she and Collin made a good couple though. Can't think of anything to improve, so good job! ^_^
I like the diary approach. Can't really add more to all that's already been said. Good work. Cheri
Oh, I like this. I enjoyed the diary format and liked seeing how the story unfolded.
I loved this format! It flowed nicely and the romance grew as she matured. It was very natural and honest. Great job!
Even though "Alec" is a favorite family name, I think I'd call this Alec a jerk! How could anyone be so cruel? But, thanks be to God, He provides the Comforter, sometimes even with skin on!

This is a very appealing story. The reader is hooked right from the start and can rejoice in a satisfying wrap-up in the end.
Putting this wonderful story in the form of a journal was very clever. It gave it much more of a personal touch. I really liked how the crushed spirit was revived. All the details of the job, etc. were great contributions to the story and the romance still played the main part. Absolutely wonderful.