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Oooooh, good writing, and a lovely story! I really like the title, and the movie-like aspect of the whole piece, especially the two central paragraphs that depict the passage of time.

I don't know what AG stands for, nor CCNA. That would have helped me to understand some aspects of their relationship better.

I like this one a lot.
This played like a movie, a really good one! I guessed AG was Assemblies of God but the other acronym I didn't know. This was so well written, I'll be humming Singing in the Rain!
Intriguing title and wonderful love story! I did get a bit confused when you shifted time periods, thinking the budding romance was in the present at first, but I got it straightened out eventually! I liked how you wove the movie scenes and song into your piece! Well-written and satisfyingly romantic! :)
I'm still a little confused here. I can't tell whether this is a new relationship or a renewal of the one he had with his former wife. The story is good. The writing is good. But I'm still in the dark. I tend to think it is a renewing, but I'm not sure.
It sounds like it might be a true story? I loved the description of time passing with the use of the calendar pages.
Very visual - and I love the use of the song. Great stuff!
I knew she was hers as soon as he thought "...hers was a voice of common sense in a sea of confusion." Love seems well able to open our ears at just the right time.

Wasn't too sure what some of the initials stood for, but other than that, enjoyed this romantic romp and your descriptive writing.