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Wow. This is really good. You told it well. The end brought quick tears to my eyes.

I think bath should be bathe and you left a period out here: Sadies oldest daughter found her mothers body that evening Later

Overall, I really liked this piece. Made me think of my husband and me.
Wow... this is really good. You touched on so many of the senses - sight, sound, smell... drawing the reader into her experience. Left me with a feeling of sadness, but that's what good writing is all about - affecting the reader in some way.
Well done.
Make that a triple Wow! What a love story! Very romantic and beautifully written. I loved it!

What a sweet love story! Your descriptions are superb!
Kind of reminded me of the book/movie The Notebook. I thought the descriptions and emotions were outstanding. This is one solid piece of writing!
I am new to faithwriters and I am really enjoying it! Inseparable vines is an amazing story. Wow, there really aren't words!
Beautifully written. Excellent descriptive words/phrases -- I could "see" everything. Great job.
A seamless transition to the flashback, and wonderful words and phrases make this a top-notch piece of writing! Love the title and the last sentence, too.
Very sweet, romantic story with wonderful atmosphere! It kind of reminded me of the movie "Trip to Bountiful." Excellent writing, and I loved the touching ending! :)
Lovely romantic memory story. Good writing.
Beautifully told story of timeless love. Your descriptions were wonderful. Thumbs up.
Okay. You made me cry. Not fair. lol. This is so beautiful! I love the flashback, the dialouge between the husband-wife and especially the 'vines'. You did a wonderful job with this! Good luck with the judging! ^_^
A beautiful love story. Your descriptions are superb. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I thought maybe it would end as it did, but it still made me teary. Nice work, Cheri
Gorgeous and heart-wrenching. Gave me chills!
Yes - you did an awesome job of putting us there with all the sights, sounds, smells and emotions. All that a great story should have!Very, very good!
Excellant! Congratulations ! 1st Place... wow!
Congratulations! I was one of the judges this week, and your entry made me cry. Then I read it to my husband, and we both got choked up! Your win is well-deserved!
CONGRATULATIONS on a well-deserved win, my friend!! :) I am doing the "Happy Dance" in your honor!! This was an awesome story, and I am thrilled it made first place in Advanced and SECOND in the EC! WOW!! Isn't this your third EC win? If so, it is on to Masters for you!! :D
A well-deserved win! Excellent writing.(Are there still a few men like Frank left in this world? sigh...)
Congratulations on your EC placement! This was a beautiful piece. Blessings, Cheri
Nathan, this was a BEAUTIFUL story. It happens that I just put my mother-in-law in assisted living today...and she's cried all day to go back to her home. This was just so touching. Wow! I cried for Sadie and I cried for my mother-in-law. I also saved a few tears for myself! Fantastic job. A well deserved win!
Applause applause! I read this entry to see the flashback, but had to leave a comment on how much I enjoyed your beautiful writing and this emotional romance. (Oh, and great use of the flashback too.)