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Wonderful! I loved the "Gone With The Wind" style and the dialogue, too. You captured the old-fashioned essence of romance. Very well done.
Not a very stoic defense.

"I hate you!"

"Marry me."


Very "Scarlet O'Harra", faded-southern belle approach. I liked it.
The perfect romance. Very good indeed. With the exception of one little boo-boo...perfectly written also. Kept my interest throughout. Well done.
I thought this was an excellent romance, beginning to end!
Very nice romance -- I like Suzanne's spunk. This could be a good novella -- with her fighting the arrangement a little longer.

Nicely done.
This had a Gone With the Wind feel to it and probably the word limit was why she flew in his arms so fast. Given her spunk, I thought she'd put up a bit more of a fight. I say that's the word limit and I don't care, it was very well written!
"Gone with the Wind" style indeed! Love it!
This is so evocative of the Civil War era that I actually found myself reading with a Southern accent. What fun!
Love the dialouge and feel of this piece! I wish there'd been a bit more room to find out what happened next. Suzanne was a great character-though the ending was a little too cliche, but good. ^_^
Love the dialogue - and I agree, this reads like "Gone With The Wind" - and as good. Wonderful.
Excellent romance. Wow!
Good romance here. To me romance always needs a little controversy to help it along. Good job.
This was a great read. I loved this line: "Oh, honey, you look like a squashed lemon.." Loved it. Cheri
I enjoyed this very much!
You have a special gift for dialogue and placing the reader right there in the scene. Masterfully written!