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A very nice story. You managed to give a lot of detail even in 750 words. It could just be me, but perhaps a little dialogue would have helped the reader identify more with your characters.
Grrr, another example of a good story, where the end doesn't give me the closure I want! I know it is hard to trim out sentences after you've written them, but editing is as important if not more important than the actual writing.

Its a good story, don't get me wrong. I'd just like more closure.
You've got a great story line to work with here. Tough to fit a lot in with the word limit, but you developed some interesting points, like how the sailor loved the sea so much until he met his bride. Touching!
A really nice storyline -- possibly for a novella? It seemed a little fragmented, or jumpy in places -- obviously because of the word limit. Nice job though.
This has really strong potential here, I too felt it jumped a bit but the description of Navy life and his love for it was right on. Nicely done, if only we had 1000 words to work with!
Romantic. There's just not enough space here for very much detail. I would like to hear more. Good writing.