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Sounds like that 'caste system' has ruined quite a few 'happily ever afters'! Well written.
Sucker punch, right in the breadbasket! Ouch! I enjoyed this story. Shame on him though. It was his loss.
I absolutely LOVE this! You have caught my whole high school experience as if you were right there with me! Wow! Just a tiny bit of work on punctuation will make this piece perfect. Great job! Hope to see it in the winner's circle next week, and it's in my Winner's Circle already! Blessings, Cheri
Didn't see that ending coming -- I was hoping for a happily-ever-after. This is such a true depiction, and another reminder of why I'm glad I don't have to repeat high school.

One small thing -- the beginning of paragraph 7 is missing something, and/or should be part of paragraph 6.

Good romance -- even without the 'happy' ending.
I was sitting on the edge of my seat and actually let out a groan when I read the last sentence! You did a great job telling this story! Well Done!
Hahaha! I like it--very out of the ordinary and original :-) The ending was the best and very accurate! She's better off without him ~_^
Heehee! Very good. I was kind of hoping she'd get him and then glad that she didn't because she really would be better off without him. I liked your opening paragraph best...this read like a real high school scene (almost out of the princess diaries!) ^_^
Love unrequited. What a shame. But this was really a cute story of romantic teen notions. You did a good job.
Read like a romantic suspense novel. You captured the era so well and the caste system seens as powerful now as it did back then. Nice job!
What a cute story!! I was engrossed in it from beginning to end! (By the way, the ending was so realistic!) I think in one sentence you might have meant "furor" instead of "fury." You got the high school caste system down perfectly, and I loved the three Jennifers! :)
This felt so realistic (maybe because I was in high school in 1984!) - and you DID nail the caste system for sure. That last line just hit me!
Wow! Good job! I felt like I was back in high school - yikes - a good sign for sure.

You have the whole scence down pat and I enjoyed the ride. Well done.
Very, very, very good. I liked this alot. Highschool was way back for me, but you easily brought it back. Excellent work. God bless.
Oh, this is just perfect! From beginning to ending, I could see this as if it were a television show. How come the judges missed this one? It is a winner in my book.

I'm glad I came calling to thank you for your comment on my Sparrow story. I really enjoyed reading yours. It goes in my "favorites."
I love this story, especially the ending. You portray the caste system soooooooo well! It is one of my favourite stories.