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This sounds like something that happened to a friend of mine - She is marrying someone who used to really irritate her! (Let's hope he still doesn't!!)So this type of thing must happen, and feelings must change!
Good story!
Charming, enjoyable story.
They say women marry men in hopes of changing them, and men marry women who they think accept them for who they are. I don't know if that is true or not, but it sounds true. =)

Good story, but I would preffer less words spent on spinning up the story, and more given to the conclusion to give me a broader sense of closure.
What a delightful story. Isn't it just like God to work from a direction we never expect?
Good story, good writing. I thought you set up an appropriate amount of tension between the characters. I enjoyed it.
Charming "boy next door story." I enjoyed the twist you gave this one. Great Job!
Very nice romance story. Good job of describing the characters and their interaction through the years. Bummer for the word limit -- I would like to read more about what happens next.
I loved your characters; your story brought them to life at every age. And I love your descriptions! Really a very sweet story with a nice romantic ending. Nice work. Cheri
I enjoyed watching her feelings mature and progress. I thought the story flowed well and it was a very enjoyable read!
Romantic confirmation? Good story. Wonderful writing.
I truly like your writing style, you really engage the reader. I liked your story, too, but think more conflict would have made the romantic conclusion more satisfying.
PS - great title, too. Sets up the spunk to be seen of the MC!
I liked the journey through the years, and loved the ending. Well written and an entertaining read. :)
Very enjoyable piece with just the right touches of humor and seriousness. I think he liked Liz all along, and that's why he tormented her so when they were kids and teens! Good job! :)
Well, at first I scanned the list of possible reads here, yours got first place. Meaning the topic took me by surprise, it didn't knock me off my feet. But then I read the piece and enjoyed it all the way through. That is when the strange thing happened, you managed in the end to sweep me - yes - off my feet. Good little piece, I have to admit!
I loved this! It brought back memories of the kid who lived across the street from me when we were growing up. For me, the ending didn't turn out the same, but I could relate anway.
Thanks for sharing this sweet piece.
Enjoyed the conflict, and the gradual changing of minds. Good stuff!
I REALLY enjoyed this! Such a natural progression written in such a natural way. Really VERY good writing. I loved it.