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Love the title of this piece - funny in itself! The story got funnier as it went along - my favorite part was when the possum hit the neighbors window. I would have run too!
This is a humourous delight. A dog named Elvis? Wife that can't go back to sleep? Husband in skivvies? Possum hitting window? The THUNK noises were a nice touch. This story flowed well, had good dialogue, and was just funny!
I laughed when the possum hit the neighbor's window! I could picture it perfectly!
Oh, the poor possum! Why didn't he run away? (Well, that's for another story.)

This sounds so believable, I have to wonder if it is a memory or fiction. Regardless, it is a good story that is well designed to entertain. Your title is certainly a "grabber." I had to read the story!
You made the funniest pictures with words. A really humorous entry!
Great detail, with just the right amount of humor. Love your ending, and your title.
Wonderful title and funny, funny story. Love the visual of hubby in his skivvies. (By the way, possums REALLY creep me out--they're like giant rats!)

Only one tiny correction: raising Cain.

I burst out laughing when the possum hit the window. One of the best images this week.
This is funny because it reminds me of a few nights at our house -- but without the neighbor's window. That really made this funny.

I did see a misplaced '?' at the end of paragraph 6.

Good writing -- so easy to read.
A delightful read. Solid sence of place and the realtionship between the characters in real. yeggy
It was so easy to place myself right in your story! Loved the line, "Pipe down, Elvis!", funny! The whole story had perfect tempo with the right dose of humor. Great job! Blessins, Jo
Such a fitting title. Loved this humor. Good writing.
I could just see this happening! Good job! Blessings, Cheri
Fred is a patient man...he deserves an award...especially after being informed that Elvis was dirty. In many house holds Claire would have resembled the flying nun long before the critter did. Thanks for telling us about this kind man.