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I'm grinning. I liked the POV, the smoking confession, the taser purchase, this was cute. Anything with a gnome is funny from the word go I think!
Oh, this is too funny. I was afraid the man had used the taser on his wife. The confession was great.
This is a great continuation of the gnome story. You've got a good them going. The husband's logic is too funny!
This is hilarious! Well done.
Great insight into the different ways men and women think. Love the style and the plethora of excuses. Certainly left me smiling. yeggy
My son neighbor has hundreds of Gnomes. I'll give you his address should you come up short a Gnome or two. But you need to understand it isn't a gender thing...If a Gnome shows up in my garden I'll call Travelosity to send it on an out of town mission...then I'll move. The same goes for Chia Pets. This was fun. Thanks. Incidentally what part of Mars are you from, I was considering taking up jogging?
Really - really funny! Congrats on your win!!
Way to go - this was so fun to read. Congratulations on your placement!
Has the makings of a good sitcom here. Well done and congratulations. It inspires a song in me:
(Sung to the tune of "Home on the Range".)
"O give me a gnome, painted buff and gold chrome, where the dear little ant and looper play-eeeee!" :)