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This is a fun one! The part about taking a picture and hearing cheese, now that will make me laugh every time I hear it. This was well written, funny, and a joy to read. Thank you.
Too funny! I can just see that huge block of cheese sitting under the tree. Hilarious take on topic and nice descriptions like "Slice of a grin" that was pretty good. ^_^
I could just see the wife opening her cheese! Your descriptions of the mood at the neighbor's house after Christmas were well done, too.
While Dad has gotten Mom some questionable gifts in the past, he's never given her cheese LOL. Fun stuff.
ps -I loved the part where she wrapped the macaronni up in her gift from him LOL
Delightful and sooo funny!
Cute story, but I'm glad my husband isn't anything like John! :D (I have put fancy cheeses in his stocking, and he's really liked it!) Good job!
Ill never tell him what she said to me. It would probably end their marriage. But he was doing pretty good on his own, so I decided not to interfere. -- That was one of my favorite lines, kind of a tongue in cheek humor. And I like your descriptions. Nice work. Cheri
Some great one liners that lifted the mood and bought a smile to my face. Loved the understated ones like: 'It would probably end their marriage. But he was doing pretty good on his own, so I decided not to interfere.' Good ending tied it all together and left on a high note. yeggy
Very enjoyable. The ending made this entire story. Nicely written.
Pots, pans and ironing boards aren't especially welcome Christmas gifts either. Thanks for the warning I hate Mac and Cheese. Keep on smiling and writing.
Love it!

Since you seem perceptive in these matters, perhaps you can explain to me why my wife was upset with me when I bought her a lawnmower for her birthday. It was July and she was complaining the old lawnmower didn't work right. I just don't get it.