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The humor in this article is the images that come into the reader's mind. You have very nicely painted several for us.

I especially liked the image of kitty sliding uncontrolled across the side table, wiping everything out as he/she goes and dangling inches from a maliciously delighted doggie grin.

Our own lives give us way too much material for humor, don't they? Good job!
Although it takes me time, sometimes the so not funny at the time turns out pretty funny after the fact. You captured that well. Well done!
LOL! Too funny! I love the teddy-bear printed pj's and what a jazzy name for a dog! My fave line was "vanity wounded and throbbing" for some reason that's just so vivid...nice piece!
True - it's all around us and we can't see it, especially when it is at our own expense. Enjoyed this. Good work.
So funny! Wondering what to write about humour, and then life characteristically supplies the material. Good job.
Really funny! The details make this an excellent article.
I love how you wrote your piece within the framework of "What shall I write?" Clever!
Your telling makes this a delightful and funny story! Great writing!
Good take on humor. Been there, done that. Not exactly the same--it was 5 a.m.!
Chaz ten writer one. At least you got a good story out of it.