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This was an absolute blessing! What a funny and delightful article!
Love your writing style. It's very similar to Martha Bolton. You made me start out my day with not just THANKGIVING but LAUGHTER! :-)
Being British most of this is outside my experience! I enjoyed the humour though.
May I thank the writer for sharing his/her humor with us. You truly are gifted.
The workmen are outside wondering what I'm laughing at. You have a great gift for finding the humour in a situation and a wonderful turn of phrase. I loved '...random bursts of methane is high comedy' it so describes the outlook of my adult son. Blessing someone is a very powerful prayer. I know of a woman who started to bless her husband each day. He doesn't like to get up now without her blessing. So bless you for your story and may you continue to find the funny sides of life and share them with us.
Human and humorous and creates the hope of shaping Thanksgiving into something liveable.
Funy ... and good lesson coming through! Thanks!
This was so funny and so true from beginning to end! Loved how you made me laugh and then really think so much within the same piece. Excellent! Keep writing and delighting!
Glenn you are always so much fun. I can relate especially well to the Sunday morning theme.
What a wonderfully, marvelously, humerously funny read! Thanks for taking the time to write it! Pat