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I'm so glad I started to read from the "bottom of the stack!" Now I get to leave the first comment on this chilling story. You certainly know how to draw in your reader, give us all the details of setting in just a few well chosen words and put us in the middle of your hero's terror. Wow!

Your writing sounds as if you do this for a living (writing detective stories). I know I'm in the market to buy one of your books! Great scripture reference, too!
I too am blessed for reading from the bottom up. This was absolutely fantastic. Your descriptions were amazing, Fontaine's characterization was astounding. How you did all this in 750 words is the mystery for me. Well, well done.
This was a really great detective story--would make an exciting TV show. And exactly how did you squeeze such a gem into 750 words?
Are you sure you're not a "Masters" masquerading down here in Advanced? This was written like a Pro! Top-notch mystery story here! Utterly and awesomely written with no-nonsense professionalism that moved right along without one wasted word! Even the Title, Super! Great Job!
Great use of detail. I liked the word "goosed".
Count me in as one of the lucky ones starting at the bottom. This is great writing. So descriptive. I could picture everything as if I were there -- it even got my adrenal running.
A different twist here. I liked it. Good story.
Wow - Lisa! excellent writing! I think this is your genre! I loved your verb choice and the way you used dialogue - captured the scene perfectly! Good job!!