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This is such a clever "ordinary day" mystery. I enjoyed the read!
This game was the highlight of my school bus days so your title got me right away. This was so sweet, well written and gave me a smile beginning to end.
I could have done without the 'flushed toilet' visual - but I loved the rest! :) A well written, bealievable mystery - it carried me and my curiosity to the end!

Ahhhh ... but the 'flushed toilet' was crucial to the whole solving of the mystery! ;)
Fun, realistic and entertaining. I like the emphasis on being involved in the lives of kids - good message too.
I just knew the kids had to be involved somehow! Great story telling!
Neat little story and a great Mystery read! Enjoyed the chase! Well written, creative thinking and super sleuth! Nice job!
Kids who right their wrongs! Hurrah! And I really liked that your character didn't just give them the money back, but turned it into an adventure with change.

:) Karen
Really cute story. Mystery solved. And the culpret is rewarded. What more could she ask for?
Delightful story. Strong sense of place and character had me in the moment all the way through. Loved the ending which ties in with the beginning. That chant is already starting to haunt me.