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This was a gem and it could have worked for this week as well, how humorous! But it works as a mystery just as nicely, what a creative mind working here!!
Too cute! And I have no idea of who the characters really are. (wink). A few misplaced quote marks - but a great mystery read!
You had me laughing out loud!
HA! Absolutely hilarious!
The author's notes take the cake! Haha! I figured out who everyone but Alex is, and I have a guess I'm fairly confident in as to the author. We'll see if I'm write, er, right. Too fun!
Well I certainly don't know who each of the characters represents -- but this is great anyway. I've been hanging around the boards long enough to realize the truthfulness of this picture. You guys are too funny -- and whoever the author is did a fabulous job.
A fun read from beginning to end. Glad I live a long way from 'Dawn' can't stand midnight invasions. :-) yeggy
Loved it! I laughed out loud and enjoyed trying to figure out who each "person" was. Very enjoyable mystery.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

(And a couple extra !!'s just for good measure.)
!!!!!!!!!!!(and running for cover)Entirely TOO much fun.
That is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (Ooops - guess I'm going to get a pink slip ;) )
Too Fun!!!! I had a Blast reading this! :-) :-)
Funny, funny!
This would make a great entry for this week's humor theme as well.
Wonderfully Fun and so well done! Love it!!
I thought this was supposed to be a fictious mystery.
What a hoot. Great job and enjoyable read.
What a hoot!
LOL! This is too funny. I can hardly stop laughing. This must have been a ton of fun to write. Great mystery and kudos to such a creative take on topic! ^_^
What a hoot! Of course, only Board Dwellers will get this, but what a treat of a read. Speaking as "Dawn," I have to admit that Tonga sounds VERY nice. No challenge, no conference thinking, no editing ... NAH! What would I do with myself? ;-)

Thanks for the chuckle ma'am. I know who you are, and I probably shouldn't have put you on duty as a judge for the humor week.

Love, Deb (aka Dawn)
I loved every bit of this! How clever!
What fun! Glad I found this one. Thanks for the laugh today.
Since I was Johnny-On-The-Spot on the Boards when this MIW MYSTERY happened...I was going to accept the Author's #2 apology...but realized It was this PAST week that I was the most vocal regarding this MIW; thus no apology needed. Very creative entry!
Sarah *scratching chin* hmmmm . . . .She throws peanuts! I like her already!!!!!!!!! *yikes pink slips*
LOL ... Great read ;-)