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Very well done. The suspense just played up to what I felt was a very satisfying end. I liked the descriptions as they watched in the beginning.
Great characters, and a story that kept my attention.
Cool story. Love the cross!
This is wonderful. I'd love to see the cross.
This is a wonderful mystery. I loved the characters, the way you built up suspense, and the excellent ending.
Good writing here. Nice story. You sure needed more space to expound on this.
Great lead up to the final entrance, and then I'm a little mystified...funny? People dancing? He's happy? Yes, I'd say it's a Mystery story! Had me biting MY nails...and now I'm wondering? Nice job.
Terrific! I was there with him - good sequence of events and good ending - loved the tiny details that drew me into the characters.
WOW! Great story, love your characterization of the boys.
Having seen a few mysterious lights in our barns, this had my curiosity from the get go. Was not disappointed with the read, nor the outcome. You were able to hold a good deal of suspense in your words.
I love this mystery! It is great, funny, a sprinkle of suspense and with a wonderful, heartwarming finish! I love the character of Mike, he was my favorite. ^_^
Great job of characterization and suspense building. Enjoyed this!
What a fun mystery! Very nostalgic for me, with the barn and the whole atmosphere you created. Great job with the siblings' relationship, too. I was a little confused why the older brother called for help? But a good mystery with a touching ending (you could develop the ending into a larger story of its own!).