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Love it! This is a nice twist to the topic. The idea of having the perpatrator tell the crime, but you don't realize it until the end. Great job.
Nothing like a British mystery, my favorite kind! You have a well-developed character in your narrator, more genuine than the "flat" sort one might expect in a short story.

You also have produced such atmosphere, somehow, that I could easily see the story playing out on the TV screen. I'm impressed!
Do I see a bit of Agatha Christy in this piece? Great all the way through.
Yep, this is how its done. I felt like I was there, and what a twist with the true thief as the narrator. Excellent!
Ahh - a true mystery!! I felt like I was reading a story from Ellery Queen magazine! One note - "it's" is only used when you mean to say "it is". Such talent flows from your pen (or keyboard). Love love love this entry!
A different approach to mystery. Good job. I liked it.
This was a great story. The characters were well developed and the ending a complete surprise.
Excellent and quite masterful job! Reminded me of Agatha Christie and Clue all rolled into one. The twist at the end puts it over the top! Nice work. Blessings, Cheri
I felt like I was playing a game of Clue! You really surprised me with the narrator as the criminal. I loved how you worked it out so everyone got what he or she deserved. An excellent mystery1
Excellent voice and so engaging - I loved the twist also. Very well written!
loved the POV! Great reading!!