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Oooo! Too fun! This was hilarious and well worth the read. I loved the characters and especially the Agatha-Christie kind of twist at the end, especially the play on that poor "butler" Great mystery! ^_^
Enjoyed the clever twists. Good work.
This is an excellent mystery story. I like how you started and ended with the butler and tied everything together so neatly. I enjoyed the read.
Marvelous! Great descriptions of characters, mystery, motive, and confession. Nice touch of humor and the ending, fabulous! Loved it!!!!!
I thought this was excellent until I reached the confession at the end. With so many likely suspects, why would anyone confess? That part didn't ring true. What I would have done with this was have someone else come up with an accusation.
Cute little mystery. I gather the police were already onto him and were there to arrest him. Good writing.
Yep, really cute, like a satire of every similar mystery we've ever read. I agree that we need one more paragraph, giving us motivation for the sudden confession--a quick fix. Very clever.
Great job with the different characters. I like the humorous "butler" twist at the end. :)
I absolutely LOVED the first two paragraphs of this - very strong, and drew me in wonderfully! Great twists, and such a fun spoof of "this kind" of mystery.