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This was a tender mystery! I loved how Benjy was such a typical little boy ... of course there was a sock monster under his bed! Didn't his mommy say there was one! Also liked the strong verbs used throughout the story such as "muscled", "faltered".
The storm background gave a spooky setting. Great writing!
This is Wonderful!! Finally an explanation to where all those socks have disappeared to! :-) I'm off to check under the kid's beds...(again-lol)
This is very good. Love the imagery. I could visualize it all. The only thing you may want to work on is the pov stuff. Overall, very solid writing.
Really cute take on the mystery genre. Actually I solved that sock thing a long time ago. They go out through the vent on the dryer. Just kidding, lol.
I used to have a monster under my bed - I never thought to feed it socks. Great idea, and great story.
That is really cute. I liked it. I could so picture one of my girlies as Benjy.
Great mystery piece. Great title, no errors, and an interesting story that kept my interest throughout. Kudos!
What a delightful story! I thought of the mystery of missing socks, but I could never have come up with anything as clever and sweet as this!
Just as good - and fun - the second read-through. Great characterization and detail.
Really cute. What a surprise. Very creative ending.
So precious! I just love the innocence of children, and you absolutely nailed it.
This was very funny. I really enjoyed it.
It's also a good reminder that children hear SO much more than we realise.
This is really sweet and nicely written. This is a lesson I need to be reminded of often. Great take on this week's theme.
This is an absolutely wonderful, sweet story with a clever ending! I enjoyed every minute of reading it! Excellent writing! :)
Aww! this was a cute children's mystery. I liked the spelling of Benjy and especially the idea of a sock hunt and the 'sock monster'. Great story!
Another delightful story! Well crafted, good characters, you set up the 'problem' well and lead the reader down an unexpected path. Well done. Feeding the sock moster! Still smiling. yeggy
This was absolutely precious. I wouldn't change a thing. This is one that will stick with me for quite some time because it was that good!
This was a treat to read! Fantastic all the way around!
This was so cute and a delight to read. You kept your characters so believable with their age-appropriate thoughts and dialogue.
Congrats! ^_^
This was hilarious! Great mystery! Congrats on getting second place.
What a fun, completely believeable story! Congratulations on 2nd place!