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This was very nicely done - I am surprised at how long it took me to catch on to what this was about - a testament to your wonderful writing ability! I caught a few grammar issues and a few misused words, but otherwise this was strong. I somehow found the present tense distracting, but that may have just been me. Nicely done!
Well done. It had the feel of a modern day story with the truth of the Biblical one. Good dialogue.
The wonderful story of the two disciples from Emmaus(sp?) Great Bible story and you have made it into a more personal story, of how it could have been, or might have been. Really enjoyed it and it kept my interest throughout. Good job!
What a great way to retell a Bible story!
I like your take on this familiar and uplifting story. I think you meant "amble" instead of "amber". :) Good job re-writing this episode from your MC's view point.
Great story! I love Biblical fiction.
I loved this! I can just imagine being there when the mystery was revealed! Nice job!
Very nice--I really enjoyed the gradual realization of what familiar story I was reading. You made it quite fresh and real.
This was a good mystery! I didn't know exactly who was who and what was going on until I got the first name and then everything started to click. This is a great piece of writing!
Oh the title says it all. Great job, captivating.
I have always been touched by this Biblical story and was not disappointed in the way you presented it. Good writing.
Fresh perspective. Enjoyed the read! Great job!