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Great idea for a story--this is one that could be elongated into a longer story or book. I think it would've been more potent if you showed the dialogue in real time instead of relaying it after the fact. Otherwise, good job.
Wow, this was a breath-stealer (I realized I was holding my breath as I reached the end of your taut story). Great job building suspense and pulling your reader into the terror!
This was absolutely engrossing and enrapturing. You had me completely at the edge of my seat. Amazing description.
I enjoyed it. I was frightened for your character.
This is one of the best mysteries I've read anywhere!
A true nail biter - now I need to get out my file! :) Very suspenseful and good descriptive writing set the scene - I like this line: "A wicked wind whipped her raincoat now, threatening to wrest it from her shivering form."
I was spellbound from the first paragraph! The suspense continued to intensify as the story unfolded. I especially loved your descriptions of the dark clouds smothering the sky and the wicked wind whipping Allegra's raincoat. Fantastic job!
Wow! Talk about a spine tingling, page turning, goose bumping Mystery! Double Wow!
Great one! Perfection personified. Just one Question however; Shouldn't "loosing his hold on her" be either "loosening" or "losing" his hold on her? Otherwise, fantastic Mystery story right on target! Terrific job!
Good mystery. Followed the genre well. Space was to short here to do it justice, but you gave it a superb try.
Good job.
Wow--all that and the dog too in 750 words! That was great reading! I'm in awe!!!
When I saw the title I thought of allergies...and then I read the story and wished I could go and buy the complete book. ^_^ This was really good, reminds me slightly of Agatha Christie-which were some of my favorite mystery novels. The last part with the scuffle could have used a few extra spaces to smooth over the time change from the woods to the hospital. Very well written though. Keep up the good stuff!
Wow. Yes, you are very gifted in suspense. You packed so much in, very well done.
Enjoyed reading this mystery - it was full of suspense and anticipation. Really liked the name of the dog: Barkley.
Your writing held my attention the whole read.