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Wow - This was a real tear jerker. What a beautiful story, and such interesting characters.
What a beautiful entry.
I loved this. So simple and yet profound. Flowed well.
Just little buttons, but you turned them into this sweet mystery that brought tears to my eyes. Maybe this could become another Christmas classic reminiscent of Tiny Tim or the Little Match Girl stories.
Great story and an offering of love that would touch the very heart of God. So often we give to God but how often do we give to God something that is precious to us?
Tears come to my eyes how beautiful.
Beautiful and touching. Thank you.
This is such a touching, wonderful story. Children touch the heart of God and are often used by Him to teach us many important lessons, wonderful piece. This needs to be more than just a challenge piece. God bless. Patty
You did an excellent job of wrapping tenderness and love and pathos into mystery.
At last the Mystery of the "3 Little Buttons" was solved; along with a waterfall of tears streaming down the faces of those that read this lovely story. So precious, so touching, and makes me wonder what went on behind the scenes of the widow's mite, the woman who gave all she had. Probably another mystery story that would take a box of kleenex to this one did. This author deserves many Kudos for this one!
Okay, now I need a tissue. Wonderful, brilliant, fantastic! Loved it from beginning to end!
What a sweet and well- written story. Such a precious message, too. Very well done.
Just beautiful. Tender and sweet, and such wonderful detail. Just lovely.
Oh, this was beautiful! I'm sobbing right along with Pastor Craig.
What a darling little girl! I love this 'mystery' it is fitting and truly heartfelt. Beautiful writing! ^_^
Such a tender and beautiful story. Reminds me a bit of "The Christmas Shoes." It brought tears to my eyes. I was thinking of my son who was saved recently, at 19 years old. For years, I tried to make it happen, tried to tell God how to work it out. It was only when we sent him to Teen Challenge, a faith-based drug recovery program, and I completely removed my instructions and my hands, laying him on God's altar, that God was able to do what my heart had been aching for all those years. He got baptized and surrendered his whole life to the Lord, only after my husband and I were able to truly give that precious child back to the God who'd created him, leaving him entirely in His hands. Thanks for your story. Great job! Blessings, Cheri
Oh my goodness, I have a lump in my throat and tears rolling. This was absolutely fantastic. Excellent!
Beautifully and tenderly written!
This was so sweet! Can't think of anything to say except thank you so much for sharing! Beautiful story!
This was a tender mystery written with a wonderful message. Truly enjoyed the story.
Wow! What a touching story. How often we, like the pastor, don't see what is right in our neighborhood just because it isn't pretty. There seemed to be a POV shift when the girl knew she would be seeing Jesus, and then shifting back. Overall, a great story with great description.
Congrats! (I knew this was good!) ^_^
Beautiful. A well-deserved win. COngratulations
Congratulations, Jacquelyn! This is some terrific writing!
Congratulations Jacquelyn! This story really touched me, and has such a beautiful message.
Jacqueline, your story is so well-told. I figured something like its ending; still, the precious faith of the little girl, simple and pure, grabbed my heart and squeezed.

Thank you for reminding me to simply say Thank You to my Lord. Often, and without guile, as a little girl.
Jacquelyn, I enter my name along with many before me and congratulate you for a well-deserved win.
Such a precious story needs to be immortalized on paper, written so that many can share in its heartwarming tale. Thank you...