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Very good - This story made me laugh, and gave me the creeps at the same time, especially the bit where Jim had that sinister smile!
Creepers! Remeinded me of Rear Window, but much more creepy with Jim showing up in her living room! Good job!
Scary! I certainly hope this is not a true story! Good writing.
Wow! Talk about a real scary Mystery story! This was it!! But I'm still curious...did you call 911, hit him in the head or sic Lady on him? That's gonna be your Second Mystery Story, right? Excellent job! Reeled in your readers - and then kept them to the very end! Neat!
I hope this is fiction! I love your way with words, you captured my interest (and my breath)and held to to the end. Or was that the end?
ooo! Too real! ^_^ This is just the kind of mystery I was looking for...except it ended when I wanted a couple dozen chapters more! Very creative. I love that you managed to weave spooky and suspense together to make a believable piece. Excellent writing!
Chills here, real chills down my spine. A touch of Hitchcock and great visualization. Great work!