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Whew--a lot of work went into this! Super job on the formatting, and the embedded rhyme scheme. And since the mystery genre is primarily an intellectual exercise, you've certainly tapped into that criterion. I'll come back to this one, for sure.
What an awesome job you've done, not only composing the poem but putting it together like trees. And I like your explanation of the mystery, a deep one to be sure. Lots to think about here.
Going out on a limb to say this was Extremely Creative!
This was extraordinary in its creativity, including formatting.
I would have never thought of a poem for a mystery genre, but you have done a brillant job with the use of a concrete poem and internal ryhming! Kudos!
Wow, you made this fit the Challenge and the season! Great writing!
What a beautiful picture designed with, by and from words, along with a fascinating and mysterious question; however, to para-phrase a sentence from Kilmer's poem Trees: "Poems are made by fools like me, but only God" can plant, transform, move, hide, transfer, transport, re-create, make and deliver a tree elsewhere. How's that for solving this creative Author's questions?
Wow! Very creative and deep! I like the tree formations! Good job!
You've added insight into a mystery I've been investigating for years. I've added this to my favorites. Awesome, awesome job. I add my kudos re the formatting too -
Wow! Some really creative formatting and writing here! I love this piece and the mystery is one that has 'tickled' my mind for some time, this is a nice twist with good flow and rhyme. ^_^ Excellent writing!
Soooo creative. I echo what everyone else said. Excellent.
This was exceptionally well done all the way around!
I'm at a los as to how you do this - they say poetry is the hightest form of writing - you've demonstrated that here by staying within the genre and using a visisual tool to empasise your mystery as well. Great job!