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A great chapter one; you have my attention. But, I know there's more to the story. Keep writing!
I was interested all the way through , your writing was great! I didn't quite get the end, though. Did I miss something? I loved the dialogue and the stlye of writing.
This has the making of a fascinating story - it caught me and held me right to the end. I didn't quite catch the connection between all the parts, but it set my imagination to work trying to figure out where all this might be going. Hope we'll see the rest of the story. Great work!
I enjoyed your story. It made sense to me. :) I agree that you could definitely turn this idea into a longer work.
Just when I got into the story, it ended! No answers to all the questions. Really good writing, but I wanted to know more.
I see this story as a love story about to begin. Husband dead, wedding rings lost, and a lonely and kind policeman doing a dirty job. This is a great story that kept my undivided attention all the way through. Extremely well written until near the last when some words were left out...but still a terrific read and enjoyed the trip to the "phew" site, and the underlying mysteries to come. Very Creative! Kudos!
Very cute. It sounds more like a love story than a mystery.
Wonderful! Great (and stinky) atmosphere, excellent characterization, and just enough clues for the astute reader to fill in the blanks and want to keep reading. That's definitely the way to do a mystery in 750 words.
Very nice! Left me wanting more. This could result in a very nice novel. Blessings, Cheri
Very vivid, easy reading. It made me wish there was so much more than just this little piece. I liked how the thought kept nagging the cop and he finally figured it out to go and do something nice for Kathy.
FANTASTIC STORY - I wanted to read more...and more.

Yep, this is the start of something very good here! I got it and loved it.
Great characterization and setting development. I was intrigued, and agree that we need MORE.
Thou shalt not write cliff-hangers. Forget Delaware. Plop in front of thy computer and finish it. I wanna know.
Such a worthwhile story. Reminds me of the theme running through "Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal" and a more recent movie called "Pay it Forward".
And, joining the others in asking it's not finished is it?
Whew! I could almost smell the trash. This is *really* good. I would love to read more. It has the makings of a classic romance/mystery. Blue collar meets white collar and all that. ;0) Well done.
Great story - I wonder if he ever found the weapon? :)
More...more...more, please!
I love your descriptions, your characters, and your humor.
Looks like you're on another novel roll. :-) yeggy
This left me wanting to know more. Sounds like the beginnings of a great novel!
Nice job! I really like the storyline. It kept my attention and left me earnestly waiting for more. Very enjoyable!Keep up the writing. Lord bless your gift.-Janice