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This is so deep and almost poetic? So nicely done. If it's non-fiction, I hope all goes WELL in your future!
How poignant. Having spent the day with my 3 year old grandchild, holding her in my arms, I can really appreciate this. I thank God for each of my grandchildren I've seen. I am grateful. However, somehow I know that God works things out, no matter how discordant they may seem here. At the time, you can't imagine God raising your family without you, yet I've seen, time after time, where time passes, children are raised.....and, what I haven't seen yet, the glorious reunion. Nothing is ever wasted by our loving God. Thank you for this talented story.
Exquisite and poettc indeed. Every word is perfectly woven in this superb piece. You have touched your readers' hearts by using the skills of a true master writer. I especially like the imagery of comparing the cells in our bodies to the the heavenly bodies. God is in control in the smallest and largest ways. Amen.
Very well written. Encouraging to those who have walked the same pathway. You could feel the pain of her trying to deal with the disease and maintain normalcy at the same time.
Eloquent is the word that come to mind. Your writing just flows like music.
Even music is defined by the inclusion of pauses and silences amidst the crescendos...This was my favorite line, so beautiful and true. Your writing never fails to stun me, it's as if you open a vein and bleed on the paper. I'm speechless.
What a beautiful expression of hope in a situation where there seems to be no hope. You did a great job of weaving music through the narrative. This is a very touching piece.
Ann - what can one say? This is exquisite to the point of perfection. Beautiful ...
Masterful (and that doesn't do your entry justice.)
This was well-worded. Almost every thought this woman had reflected my own thoughts a few years back when tests revealed abnormal cells and an enlarged ovary. I remember,though, becoming rather fatalistic about it: "I'm ready for Jesus to take me home." My family didn't agree.

You didn't say conclusively whether your main character was dying from the cancer or whether the doctors were trying treatments to rid her of the cancer. That didn't detract from the story; instead, it made her future seem uncertain, like the words she used to describe the sudden disequilibrium in her life.

This was tender, and like I said, you expressed very well the thoughts of someone in this situation.
I really enjoyed the progression your MC made in her thinking. Great job.
Oh my goodness. This is beautiful. Music is so powerful is so many areas of our lives. I love the way this story progressed -- grabbed my heartstrings and didn't let go.
Oh my! Just perfect in every way. Ann, I am so glad that you allow God's pen to use you in this way. Your pieces always make my heart stop, and this is no exception. Astoundingly amazing.
"Even music is defined by the inclusion of pauses and silences..." Yes! This is SO important in music, and it is also a stunning reminder of the reason why God can seem silent in our lives sometimes.

This reminded me of a piece from last year, "Abandoned Seeds." Your writing is beautiful, entrancing. Do NOT stop. :-)