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Cute and clever - love the humor, and the truth, you impart.Your title definitely intrigued me and I wasn't disappointed! You definitely gave David a personality I could "accept" :)
My goodness I wish you could see my smile. I loved this. The creativity, the style, and especially the line where David named the song I will Survive, hysterical!! Great, great work.
A different look at music in this story - rather unique, but interesting. (One thing I'd change...killed bears with his "bare" hands.) Otherwise, very Nice job.
Cute! I liked the format you used. By the way, it should be "bare" hands, not "bear" hands. Just a minor change needed there. Very good.
Lots of charming humor here!
Cleverly done! I loved David's title of his song.
So creative! And I, too loved the humor. I could see this as a youth skit - they's have a blast. Really very good!
Oh, yes, very clever for sure! I saw this all along as a puppet skit. That would be really cute too!
"I Will Survive" Clever, creative and insightful. Good writing that kept me entertained.
This was too cute! I love David's "Oh no" right before the fade to video. Had me laughing out loud!

And you know what's cool? When you had David explain the trinity like one man being a father, a son, and an uncle--that's awesome, I've never heard it put that way! I'll be using that, if you don't mind... :-P

Great job!
Ahhhh! I love skits. This was one very good. Yes, you had some typos, but the idea was entertaining and clever. Well written there, my friend!