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What a totally delightful story! I especially loved the mountain dialect. Could just see and hear all those old-timey country folks having fun with the old couple who showed up late!

I also loved the opening, as well as the unusual title. "Just four hymns." Made me curious as to what those were--and realized I knew every one, since all four mentioned are favorites at both nursing homes where I go to sing hymns with my resident friends.

I felt I knew all the characters. Great job!

From them thar hills comes this delightful story! Only one song is a missin'..."What A Friend We Have In Jesus" twasn't in them favor-ites! Loved the accent, the story, the light comical wit. Good storyteller I'm a thinkin! Kudos!!! with three (3) exclamation marks.
This was a fun romp through a country church. Great characters, amazing dialogue, wonderful humor. I loved this!
I loved the satire, too! Good job.
This was a fun story and I could easily imagine this close-knit congregation. I've known servants like ole Lucy. Nicely written!
Your fascinating title drew me in, and your charming story kept me eagerly reading until the last word! Your piece had a wonderful sense of humor and just the perfect "atmosphere"! Terrific job! :)
Loved this! Most of us have probably been in Ruby and Kermit's shoes once in our life. This was just a cute rendition of humans period. Well done.
Too funny! I was laughing all the way through this. Loved the style too. ^_^